How to open commodity Trading account with Enrich Financial soution?

Enrich is one of the very few brokers In India to have launched online Digital KYC (D-KYC).Through this unique module you can submit your KYC details In Just 5 minutes and complete the account opening formalities in 15 minutes

You can open a trading account with Enrich Financial soution, one of India’s leading discount brokers offering a low brokerage of Flat Rs. 16 per executed order irrespective of the order size.

Open through Online KYC with your end

Fill the all the personal information and Complete the online application process with Aadhar Based Digital Signature

Charges associated with a Trading account – Brokerage and other trading related expense Rs.100 + GST

Account opening process has become much easier only 5 Mints with the help of technology, In today’s Scenario you would not have to fill up a 60-100 pager form and sign a zillion times everywhere.

It’s the World of Online now, Account opening is much easier. Enrich is the pioneer in Account opening process with its complete digital process. Following are the Steps to Open an account with Enrich


1.Visit and click on Open my account on the Top of the page

2.Visit for opening an online commodity trading account


2. Secondary option showing page bottom as Aadhar based Ekyc online account opening .

Step 2:

Fill in the Registration form

Find below the simple steps

KYC Submission:

•Go to Online E-KYC page and enter your Mobile Number. You will receive an OTP


*If you already have an account with Enrich , the validation with pan number shall not be processed.

Visit for opening an online commodity trading account

Validating with Pan Number

*If you enter a mobile number which is already registered with Enrich, the account opening process cannot be carried out.

Visit for opening an online commodity trading account

•Once the OTP is validated you are technically signed into the E-KYC System


•OTP will be received within Two minutes. Once generated, you will be asked to enter your Name, Email ID, PAN Card No and other personal details.


• Select the segments for which you would like to open account.

The next page would automatically display Your address based on your Aadhar Card .

Bank Account details KYC
Financial details KYC
Details of Introducer KYC

•If you are referred by any of our employee, kindly enter the employee code ( id ). It will show all the details about his/her.

Dealing with other Brokers KYC

•If you are trading already with any other broker, then you can mention the following information in the fields which is optional.

Brokerage and Statutory Charges KYC

•Default brokerage structure will appear. If you wish to change the brokerage slab, then choose our website and activate accordingly through KYC department.

Final stage-Upload your documents KYC
Bravo!You are now ready to trade KYC

Next Process for E-KYC

Our Backend team will call you to verify the KYC details provided by you

You will then sent an OTP from Aadhaar website to validate and sign the documents digitally

You will be emailed an one pager KYC PDF which alone needs to be physically signed and sent to our Corporate Office address below:

New.No.241, Old.No.85-86 III Floor B, Ziat Court,
Rangaraja Puram Main Road, Kodambakkam,
Chennai – 600024.-7200068680/7200010135.

Visit for opening an online commodity trading account

Your Account gets opened immediately on receipt of the duly signed physical document

Frequently Asked Questions

Our E-KYC Module is mobile friendly. You can conveniently complete the KYC upload using your Mobile Phone

Currently the System supports only Account opening in single status. However very soon we will provide an option to complete KYC for Joint Accounts

No, there is no option provided as the account opening is free.
Yes, we will assign a Business Executives to help you complete the account opening process with least inconvenience to you.
Currently we have launched this utility for Commodity Future and Option segment.
Please click here to change your contact details in UIDAI website:
ESign refers to digital signatures affixed on your KYC and support documents through Aadhaar based OTP validation. We have tied up with Emudhra to extend this service to our clients
No worries, you can still submit you KYC online. However you cannot digitally sign. We will make it simple for you by emailing you the filled KYC PDF for your signatures.
No, there is no option provided as the account opening is free.

Why should I use E-KYC?

•It’s a paperless process

•You can submit your KYC in 2 minutes

•Complete the KYC formalities in 15 minutes

•IPV is done online

•KYC & support documents are digitally signed by you

•It is safe , secured and a convenient process

Visit for opening an online commodity trading account