How to Open Demat Trading Account?

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Are you interested in long-term wealth generation or just make passive income? For both, you need to open a trading account along with a Demat account. You might be confused about how to open a Demat account? To open a Demat account, you have a lot of options like online Demat account opening. Online Demat accounts can be opened quite easily. If you visit Enrichbroking., you will see how to open a Demat account. When you create a Demat account, you get a free trading account as well. The process of Demat account opening is quite easy as the procedure of Demat account opening only needs a few documents. If you have those documents with you, within 15-20 minutes, you can complete the Demat account opening procedure.

What is a Demat Trading Account?

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Do you want to be a part of the growth story of a company of your choice? Then do not hesitate. Open a trading account immediately with your chosen broker. The online trading account opens before you endless possibilities to explore your financial dreams. To open a trading account, you will have to create a   Demat account. Why do you need to open a Demat account?

A Demat account is like a bank locker which is necessary to hold your securities in digital form. So, it is important to create a Demat account online if you want to dive into the world of trading. The puzzling question now might be what is a trading account and a Demat account? A trading account as the name implies serves as an interface to buy and sell shares in stock exchanges. Demat account on the other hand holds the shares that you bought in digital format.

Why do you need to open a Demat account?

Do not worry, thinking about the procedure of opening a Demat account as instant Demat account opening is now a reality with technology. When you sign up for a trading account, you get a Demat account as well. Think of a trading account as the vehicle through which you drive in the stock market and a Demat account as your parking space to keep your goods safe.

How to open a trading account? To open a trading account online, you need to analyze a lot as it is your hard-earned money and you might want to open a Demat account with a trusted broker with fewer hassles. New Demat account opening is now paperless with us and you can open a Demat account online anywhere from India which comes with the best trading account. Visit our site to see and experience the procedure of Demat account opening online.

Procedure for opening a Demat Trading account online?

How to create a Demat account? Will it offer me a free trading account too? It is free with your Demat account.

Can I get a free Demat account? The answer is yes. An online trading account is like opening a savings account for transactions. When you open a Demat account, it is like availing locker facilities.

Can I open a trading account online in India? Why not? To open an online share trading account, you just have to open a chosen broker’s website(

How can I open a Demat account online? Is there any Demat account form to be filled in? Yes, all registered brokers have a Demat account opening form to open a Demat account online in India

What are the requirements to open trading accounts? Demat account opening form download is necessary? The answer is no to the second question. To answer the first question, you have to

Fill in the Application form,

Submit KYC requirements and

Upload the form for verification.

How to fill Demat account opening form? This is easy once you read the procedures of Demat account opening.

Benefits of opening Demat Trading account with Enrichbroking

“I want to open a Demat account.” This question makes you check options on how to apply for a demat account with a free trading account in India. Check in our site if you want to truly experience a cutting-edge online trading platform offering a free online trading acc plus a free Demat account with free online trading trips. Don’t you think you deserve more than a free trading and Demat account?

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Difference between Trading and Demat accounts?

Before you open a Demat account using a Demat account form, try to understand the difference between these:

Trading Account Demat Account
A bridge between your bank and Demat accounts Stores bought assets in the dematerialized form for safety, handling ease, and accessibility
Interface to buy and sell shares No transactions can be made other than storing assets
Annual charges free depending on the firm Annual charges to be paid by the investor

How to apply for a demat account or how to open a Demat and trading account?

You can open a Demat Account following these

Contact a broker to fill the form for opening an online Demat account

Fill the account opening form to open Demat account with copies of ID and address proof

Sign an agreement with the broker

Any DP website shows how to open a Demat account with a free Demat and trading account

How to invest using a Demat Trading account?

Any registered DP website demonstrates how to open Demat and trading accounts. Open online demat and trading account with a trusted broker having a smooth technology-driven platform offering detailed research and guidance.

Technology has simplified the process of account opening and trading to the extent that questions like how to apply for a demat account or how do I open a demat account can be easily addressed. But some might still ask how to open a trading account without a broker?

When you open demat account, your broker links it with your trading acc.

To start trading, you have to place an order through your trading account(which is why you have to open the trading account) and your broker connects you to the relevant exchange from where the order is processed.

After that, securities will be transacted from your Demat account. Thus, the trading procedure of Demat account is simple and convenient through a broker.

Frequently Asked Questions

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Stock markets now seldom are the domain of experts and high net worth individuals. You cannot ignore equities if you aim for wealth generation. There are different types of trading accounts based on customer preferences. Opening a trading account enables one to trade in stocks, futures, and options. But to take delivery of the stocks or to subscribe to an IPO, you will need an online demat account to store them. Brokers offer free demat accounts with a trading account.

A separate commodity trading account helps to trade in commodities. There are offline accounts too to trade offline.


Age :- All can invest in the stock market irrespective of age after submitting the respective documents. In case of a minor, the parents or the guardian will be in charge of the account until he/she is 18. However, after 18 the minor will have to go through the new demat account opening online processes

PAN and KYC details :-You have to submit a copy of your PAN card along with the KYC documents to open an account.

You get access to a free online demat account once you fulfil these and no need to open trading account separately as it comes with demat account.


Yes, you can open a free online demat account that comes with a trading account. If you want to know how to open a demat account or how to apply for demat account, do visit our site, fill in your PAN and phone number and our customer service representative will contact you. You might want to open demat account with the best broker who guides you through the entire trading process and here is your opportunity.


Yes, with Enrichbroking, online demat account opening is a lot easy. You can fill in the demat application form even from your mobile and no need to download demat account opening form. To open demat and trading account, you will just have to spend 15-20 minutes filling the application form and submitting KYC forms. The procedure of demat account opening with us thus is so simple. After submitting a digitized signature and sending a physical copy, your account opening process with us is complete.


You can open a demat and trading account with any broker of your choice. To create a demat account, account opening formalities have to be completed. When the broker creates a demat account, a trading account is also created. Most people want a free demat account, but they are confused about how to open a trading account online in India. Some might even say I have a demat account. How to open a trading account? For all these issues, a one-step solution is Enrinchbroking . Open an account with us and explore the marvel of trading.