MCX is launching India’s first MCX iCOMDEX Energy Futures Index. This index will exclusively track performance of near month MCX Crude Oil and Natural Gas Futures contracts, in real time. Its key benefits are: Benchmarking of sectoral investments in energy commodities, Portfolio Diversification and Inflation Hedging.


The following are the specifications of the MCX iCOMDEX Energy Futures Index:

Parameter Value
Index Type (Base Year) Real-time Excess-Return Index
Name of Constituents and Weightage For year 2021
For year 2021
Natural Gas – 25%
Index Governance Compliant to IOSCO Standards
Trading Unit (1 Lot) Rs. 125 * MCX iCOMDEX ENERGY
Tick Size Rs. 1
Settlement Type Settled in Cash
Risk and Returns (Jan 2021 – Jun 2021) Avg. Daily Volatility – 1.70%
Returns – 51.7%
Returns – 51.7% Min 10% or based on SPAN whichever is higher