Shortcut Keys Document

General Shortcuts

Functionality Shortcut Key
Symbol Search Ctrl + S
Select watchlist Ctrl + W
Open Tree Node in watchlist selection Right Arrow >
Set Alert Ctrl + A
Alerts Manager Alt + A
Futures Ctrl + F
Option Chain Ctrl + O
Live scanner Ctrl + R
Trend Scanner Shift + R
Unusual Volume Ctrl + Alt + V
R&S Symbol watch Ctrl + L
Heat Map Ctrl + H
EOD Reports Shift + E
Open Charts Ctrl + C
Chart Pop out Ctrl + P
Time & Sales Ctrl + T
Time & Sales Filter Shift + T
Time & Sales Alt + I
Symbol Movement Ctrl + M
Index Meter Shift+ I
Roll Over Shift + O
Active Contracts Alt + G
Intraday Recovery/Fall Ctrl + I
Open vs High Low Shift + H
Market Meter Ctrl + Q
Market Dynamics Shift + Q
Maximize <-> Original Size window Z
Minimize window SHIFT+Z
To delete a scrip in a Watchlist Del Key
Search for a scrip in Watchlist Alphabets(A to Z)
Increase Font size in any window Ctrl +
Decrease Font size in any window Ctrl -
Exit application Alt + F4

Charting Shortcuts

Functionality Shortcut Key
Scroll Left <- Arrow Key
Scroll Right -> Arrow Key
Zoom in +
Zoom Out -
Reset zoom Space Bar
To Show Daily Historical data D
To Show Weekly Historical data W
To Show Monthly Historical data M
To Show Intraday data I

Trading Shortcuts

Functionality Shortcut Key
Buy Order F1
Sell Order F2
Cancel Order Alt + F1
Modify Order Alt + F2
Order Details Alt + F7
Order Book F3
Trade Book F8
Net Position Alt + F6
Create Watch F4