World Largest Natural Gas Producers

Who are the largest natural gas producers in the world?

In 2017, US seems to be the world’s top producer of energies like petroleum, natural gas and hydrocarbons. In spite of production declines for both petroleum and natural gas relative to their 2015 levels, it has remained at the top position for five straight years. The US remains world top producer of natural gas since 2009, Natural gas production exceed that of Russia, since 2013 Russia seems to be the world’s top producer of petroleum Hydrocarbons, when its production surpassed Saudi Arabia.

Top 10 Natural Gas production countries in the world

Rank List of Countries worlds total gas production Per Year production
1 United States 20.40% 687 billion cubic meters
2 Russia 18.60% 627 billion cubic meters
3 Iran 4.80% 163 billion cubic meters
4 Qatar 4.60% 155 billion cubic meters
5 Canada 4% 137 billion cubic meters
6 China 3.30% 115 billion cubic meters
7 Norway 3.10% 109 billion cubic meters
8 Netherlands 2.50% 86 billion cubic meters
9 Saudi Arabia 2.40% 84 billion cubic meters
10 Algeria 2.30% 55 billion cubic meters

The above table clearly depicts the top 10 position holders out of which United States and Russia tops the table holding majority of the total production of Natural gas.