What is NISM and benefits?

NISM is a Certification program by the National Institute of Securities Markets (NISM).

It consists of professional education, certifications, training and research in financial markets.

NISM works intimately with all financial sector regulators in the vicinity of financial education.

The objective of NISM Certification programs is to increase the eminence and standards of professionals in employment in a range of segments of the financial services sector.

The aim of the program is to make sure that the professionals meet up the definite minimum common knowledge yardstick for various essential market functions.

NISM School for Certification of Intermediaries (SCI) builds up and carries out certification examinations and Continuing Professional Education (CPE) programs.

NISM certification examinations and educational programs attend to different divisions of intermediaries aiming on diverse product lines and functional areas.

It has set benchmarks for various market products and functions such as Equities, Derivatives,Mutual Funds, Compliance, Operations, Advisory and Research.

How is NISM certification helpful?

NISM certification examinations and training programsoffer a prearranged learning plan and career path to students and job seekers who wish to make a professional career in the Securities markets. NISM has certified almost 4 lakh individuals through its Certification Examinations and CPE Programs till May 2015.

NISM helps candidates by providing logical and purposeful workbooks that aids them to considerate the subject and get ready for NISM Examinations.

The topics would include the following:

1. Basics of Indian Securities Markets

2. Variety of terminologies used in the equity and debt markets

3. Different approaches involved in fundamental research

4. Basic principles for micro and macro-economic analysis and key industry drivers

5. Qualitative and quantitative dimensions with respect to Company Analysis

6. Fundamentals of Risk and Return

7. Valuation Principles and the beliefs of various Corporate Actions

8. The essential aspects of writing a good research report