What is a Trading Platform?

What is a trading platform? What are the things to look for in a trading platform?

Trading platform is software or a digital mode that permits you to trade online. Based on the user there are many kinds of similar platforms which permit you to carry out money transactions, provide trade analysis information and many other features as per the necessity of the user.

Growth of Trading

Online trading is the innovative method of making your existence felt in the share market. Unlike timeshare, selling and buying stocks using trading software make it simple to function from any part of the world.

Importance of a Trading Platform

The prominent necessities that help the product to become popular among its users are based on the subsequent aspect:

1. Reaction:

The quicker the speed, the quicker the implementation of dealings and trading services become.

This trait comes practical in case of risingscenario where the market is going through an unexpected change.

The efficacy of the software application collective with the hardware is an advantageous characteristic in choosing the trading platforms and its recommendation.

2. Safety:

In the practical scenario, your personal information is uncovered in several areas and since the software is online when the share market is live, safety is a prominent feature that plays a part in the range of a trading platform.

3. Computerization:

This is an additional key setting that assists user to trade at their convenience.

Setting values like stop-loss and other calculated options on your software give you the competence to robotically observe changes and update you when there is a oscillation in the event of acceleration beyond the set parameters.

Trading of shares becomes simpler when dealing with bulk options.

4. Consistency:

Similar to any other product that a consumer buys, consistency is a chief attribute that is sorted out by everyone.

5. Analytical Tools:

In order to make appropriate timely decisions, forecast and analysis, the trading software must be competent of calculating outcome with tools that may assistanalyze a bulk of data, and therefore, shape a vital part of the software in large scale trading.

6. Interface:

It should be a user friendly and simple interface that assists traders tocarry out multifaceted calculations or present data in the most ample method is a great tool.

The price of such an interface, periodical updates and tech support from the maker has an impact on the product.

This shapes the additional parameters in choosing the trading platforms.

Which is the best trading platform, why?

Apart from these, Enrich Financial soution offer Market hunt and Mobile hunt< /a> exclusive trading platforms for all your trading needs in free of cost.

Some of the leading features of Market hunt are:

1. Advanced analytical tools

2. Multi time frame charts with 7years historical data

3. More than 70 indicators including super trend

4. Customization of value parameters can be done

5. Buy/sell in the chart itself can be done

6. Instant Alerts through SMS for each and every executed order

7. Trend scanner

8. Different types of charts – candlestick/bar/ heikinashi / renckoetc

Some of the leading features of Mobile hunt:

1. It works on even lower internet connectivity

2. Lightning speed (Nano second) order placing

3. Log in once a day and it will be active till market hours

4. Mobile alerts can be set for higher / lower with sound notifications

5. Multiple time frame charts with more than 70 indicators along with super trend, RSI, MACD, SMA, stochastic oscillator, Bollinger bands etc.

6. Online Pay-In feature

7. Research tips provided in the mobile itself