Stock Market Trading Basics

What is the amount required for investing in stock market?

The viewpoint of earning good returns through the Indian stock market is a rewarding one. But it is always better to wait for the expected rather than try to battle it. We need to educate ourselves regarding the stocks in which we invest through research and limit the amount of money we invest initially.


Is age a factor in investing in stock market?

Yes, our age is important in determining the kind of risk you can afford to take in the stock market. Experts opine that the younger one is the more risk one can take.

Does what we earn make an impact in investing?

Our salary or the livelihood we earn will have a greater impact. The 10 percent of income rule is applicable to retirement savings and can be also be used for the stock market too.

Can Surplus Funds be utilized in investing?

Any surplus funds you have such as a surprising bonus or money obtained as gifts, that will not make a hollow on your financial position should you lose it in the market, can be used for investment purposes.


How do I plan my investment wisely?

Online tools and apps are available to calculate the amount needed for your living and what you can keep and invest. If you are not interested in direct commodity trading, then related stocks trading can be done since commodity prices have a multiplier effect on these.

Brokerage houses and financial organization that offer stock trading services will also have a minimum amount fixed before you can start operations. If you are not sure about how to invest in the stock market , this can be a good place to start.