what is online share trading?

What is online share trading? What are the necessities associated with it?

The dawn of technology has made life much simpler. The internet has revolutionized the way the world works. Now, you get the comfort of sitting at home or in office and place trades with the click of a button.

The Three essential things required for online trading are:

1) Access to a Computer

2) A Reliable Internet Connection

3) A Digital Trading Account

Prior to getting started:

A PAN card is a pre-requisite. A bank account which offers online fund transfer facility is required. All major banking institution offers this facility to its clients. Opening a Demat account is the next step involved. The other factors to be considered are: What is the Brokerage charged? Some offer zero brokerage to clients.

What are the Dematcharges?

These are generally levied on an annual basis

What are the Account maintenance charges?

This is usually charged on a periodic basis.

Commence Trading

Transfer money from your bank account to your trading account. After your account is opened, you will be given a login id and a password which will enable you to operate your account and carry out your trades.

Tips and analysis reports on stock prices and movement of stocks in the share market are offered by the institution you open your trading account.

What are the recommendations to be aware of while you trade in the Indian Share market?

Select a Trading Style:Think about the type of trading you want to do. Intraday trading or long-term trading whichever is suitable can be selected.

Bond with a fine Trading Plan: Low risk high profit yield techniques are a good way of achieving steadiness in the market. This will help in minimizing the risk in the online trading game

Identify When to Sell: Avoid being greedy and sell when you have a realistic profit. Set a target sell price when you buy the stock and bond to it.

Trial and error works here as well. It might take some time to understand the crux of the matter about online trading.

Online Trading with Enrich

For a newbie investor trading online is walking on rose petals with thorns here and there. Individual or institutions can buy and sell securities in online trading. Here we can discuss about how stock broking trading works? how to invest in best securities? And how to trade by opening trading account ?

Online Trading screen below screenshot


Trading strategies

An investor should decide how much amount to be invested as his initial investment. You should also know the rules regulations set by the government. You should also have a clear idea of gain or loss to be incurred by studying the stocks and its functions. You can do your own research before selecting the stocks. You should be aware of the options in brokerage pages and when to use it. You should know how does the software works, A first time trader can invest a small amount as a trail trade to get some practical knowledge. You should also test the services provided by the trading company you are investing. Enrich broking will always be ready for your assistance with 24/7 and uncompromised services. When you know what you are doing and sure to trade you can invest more money to earn more.