Intraday Trading Strategies

Transaction of stocks on the same day is Intraday Trading. Day traders regularly make sure their success by leveraging large amounts of capital in highly liquid assets to take benefit of tiny price movements. It’s not easy to master the strategies.

Some of the intraday trading strategies are as follows:

1. Entry Points

Find the stocks you want to buy at the first place.Look for liquidity and volatility which are the two vital factors to make the most out of day trading. When the kind of stocks you look for are sorted out, these could be your entry points. Intraday candlestick charts: Level II quote and ECN Intraday candlestick charts are the most competent of all and show you the right candlestick patterns, technical analysis and volume to put your investment accordingly.

2. Pivot Levels

This intraday approach absorbs profiting from the daily volatility of stock.

Buy low at the start of the day and sell high at the end of it.

Price target is merely the clear sign of reversal.

3. Trading the News

In India, Share trading is on a raise and as a result, news channels usually cover it 24×7. The news trends have to be followed cautiously. Look out for the biggest news.When slight positive news comes out, you buy and when the negative news comes out, you sell.

4. Fading

This approach involves categorization of stocksafter it moves rapid moves upward. When you can carefully presume that either a stock is overbought or existing buyers are scared, the price target is set by the renewal of interest among investors.


Scalping is a well-liked strategy which involves selling when the stock becomes profitable.

Once the profitability has been arrived at, the price target needs to be set.

The skill of predictability and the capability to calculate the smallest inefficiencies is necessary.

Once you get a hang of Intraday trading, it can yield a lot of profits.

To get involved in any trading, an online trading account is mandatory.

You must be able to determine when a stock becomes the most profitable and is ready to be sold. Reading the charts regularly is important.