Stock Broker Importance in Share Trading

The most important advantage of equity market is the diversification of investment, with the help of clear research and expert guidance investment in equity is safer and easier. The equity cannot be bought unless a company issue shares on public notification. Certain companies issue shares only through broking system. Companies sell its shares through brokerage system to small brokers who then sell their shares to public in trading account. A stock broker is agents between you and stock market. Stock broker play a important role in online trading. They charge brokerage according to the services rendered.

How can a stock broker help you?

First of all a trader should concentrate on the facilities and the quality of the services provided by the broker on priority than the price or charges. The charges may differ depending on the service rendered. a stock broker provide assistance by means for trading


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(I) They provide expert advice on stock recommendations, to plan the portfolio and what, when and how much to invest. They help person who are unsure of how to invest in share market.

(II) They know the market condition day to day and be updated of the stock prices. They are well informed about the critical situation in the online market.

(III) They watch over the equity market constantly to square off one’s share dealings between the opening and closing of the market .

(IV) Through Technology advancements they provide effective returns in short term intraday trading.

(V) Broker can act behalf of the clients. they can buy or sell shares on clients request even with zero brokerage.

You may have sufficient money but not the trading knowledge to put it in the right places and for the right time. So, these brokers or “financial advisors” assist you with right information and advice.. You can find one with best services and lowest brokerage among many.

Enrich broking Online’s stock brokerage stand a trend setter in the market by providing updated technology and lowest brokerage.