EIA Natural Gas Inventory Report

How does the EIA Natural Gas inventory report impact the market?

EIA’s Storage report of Natural Gas have computes the change in number of cubic feet of natural gas which is held in underground storage over the prior week.

While it is a U.S. indicator, it tends to have a larger impact on the Canadian dollar because of Canada's large energy sector.

If the increase in natural gas inventories is more than expected, it entails weaker demand and is bearish for natural gas prices and the same can be said if a decline in inventories is less than expected.

Suppose the number natural gas inventories the increase is more than expected number of inventories, it will cause weaker demand and is bearish for natural gas prices and the same can be said if adecline in inventories is more than expected.

The below figures of the previous week’s inventory report depict the demand and supply of the Natural gas. Here based on this report, we get a clear picture of the momentum. When the demand is more, the momentum is at its peak and when the supply is more, it indicates that the momentum has come down.

Example: Natural Gas weekly Inventory published by EIA

Release Date Time Actual Forecast Previous
31-May-18 20:00 102B 91B
24-May-18 20:00 91B 92B 106B
17-May-18 20:00 106B 105B 89B
10-May-18 20:00 89B 81B 62B
3-May-18 20:00 62B 47B -18B
26-Apr-18 20:00 -18B -11B -36B
19-Apr-18 20:00 -36B -23B -19B
12-Apr-18 20:00 -19B -11B -29B
5-Apr-18 20:00 -29B -29B -63B
29-Mar-18 20:00 -63B -75B -86B
22-Mar-18 20:00 -86B -87B -93B
15-Mar-18 20:00 -93B -96B -57B

Natural Gas Inventory weekly report schedule:

Natural gas inventory is scheduled on every week Thursday 8.Pm (IST). In case Thursday is a holiday, its release will be delayed by one day.

Future Holiday rescheduled:

Alternate Release Date Release Day Release Time Holiday
7/6/2018 Friday 20.00 P.M 7/4/2018 (Wednesday) is Independence Day
11/21/2018 Wednesday 9:30 P.M 11/22/2018 (Thursday) is Thanksgiving Day
12/28/2018 Friday 20.00 P.M 12/25/2018 (Tuesday) is Christmas Day
1/4/2019 Friday 20.00 P.M 1/1/2019 (Tuesday) is New Year's Day