How to trade using trend lines?

A trend line emphasizes market trend and provides as an online trading strategy. Trend lines are lines connecting two or more lows or two or more highs, with the lines estimated out into the future.


It is the fundamental and essential tool in the technical stock/forex/futures trader’s toolbox to apply on currency pairs.

Trend lines are comparatively easier to comprehend than other advanced trading practice and can be used in combination with other tools.

Traders look at these estimated lines and trade on prices reacting around them.

We have drawn a trend line in a chart. The natural gas price has an upside momentum in the daily chart.Prices have pulled back and touched support trend line indicating buy on dips around the support area and again prices move on resistance line.

Upon reaching the resistance line, the selling pressure occurred where supply zone is indicated. Rise on sell would be the apt strategy.

What are Pullback Alerts?

Trend lines have the latent to alert a trader during a pullback is over and the trend is continuing, or when a trend picks up the pace or reversing.One such practice for trading is when a trend is up and a pullback stays above the prior swing low and moves into the area of the rising trend line. This is when the trader should enter long or buy if the price moves back to the trending direction. This strategy can be functional vice versa when a trend is down. Conversely, price is the eventual indicator and price action must always be considered when using trend lines

What are Price Charts?

Price charts have a propensity to produce a lot of price waves and unsystematic movements that make it hard to highlight new trends when they are formed. Therefore, trend lines shorten this procedure of online trading by highlighting trends and swiftly revealing the overall direction of the price.

This is constructive when looking at multiple time frames or when there are price action signals that are likely to conflict each other.

It permits traders to view trends and pullbacks of different sizes and assist in overall analysis. Reading charts become simple in this way.