How to use Gamma to Trade Options?

“Gamma is the rate of change for Delta with respect to the underlying asset price, i.e., gamma value points out the hypothetical movement of the delta value as the price of the underlying security moves”

This is another significant risk measuring tool which assists in technical analysis for options trading; Gamma is the level of change in Delta as a consequence of a change in the price of the underlying asset.

Gamma Options Formula :



ϕ(d1) = (e⁻〖d1〗^2/2/√2π;

where d1= (ln(S/K)+(r+σ22))/σ√ t


K - Option strike price

N - Standard normal cumulative distribution function

r - Risk free interest rate

σ - Volatility of the underlying

S - Price of the underlying

t - Time to option's expiry

Trading the Indian stock market :

Delta itself shows the impact of the change in underlying asset price on the option; on the other hand, Gamma shows the movement of Delta itself given the change in the value of the underlying asset.

Gamma is a vital stock trading analytical tool and determinant in evaluating the likely impact of price changes of the underlying assets on an option for an option buyer or seller.

Gamma is a positive number regardless of the fact whether you are buying calls or puts and ranges from 0 to a maximum of 1 as Delta itself will never cross

1 Gamma can be negative when you are writing options.

Gamma can be used to examine Delta effects and succeeding stock price changes and its impact on the options held by the investor.

Gamma works enhanced and becomes more significant in the usage of spreads and the application of more composite approach.

The relationship between Gamma and Delta becomes significant on using multiple open positions to consider on the movement of the price of the underlying security. Gamma not only has a direct relationship with Delta but there is also co-relation between Gamma and Theta.

Usually, a high Gamma is convoyed by a high Theta and higher the Gamma, higher the exponential profits, provided that the underlying security or asset moves in a positive direction.

Conversely, such options come with high theta value where the time value basis decay is at a quicker rate.

What are Greek indicators?

It is essential for a person looking to make profits out of online trading in options market to have a comprehensive understanding of all the ‘Greek’ indicators in order to take out the maximum of what options have to present.

A good learning of these risk indicators can assist investors make informed trading decisions.