What is Bull Market Trading?

There are two terms that signify the rise and fall of prices of commodities and securities in the financial market.

The term bull market denotes to a group of securities whose prices are rising or are about to rise in the near future.

The bull market is completely based on expectation and speculation.

The traders pursue their inner guts and brains to determine if a product price would rise later on.


Trading in Bull market includes four strategies:

Buy and hold strategy:

Passive investors adopt this strategy which is simple in nature and is followed in National stock exchange.

The general idea here is to buy a share and set up a position in the market by holding onto it.

The investor watches for any kind of position reversal that originates an end to the revered bull market.

Increase in buy and hold:

This approach is to some extent higher edition of buy and hold method and works only under the hypothesis that the bull market will rise in the future.

This is accomplished normally by more hostile investors and is a more complex strategy.

At this point, for every increase in the share, the investor buys a set of shares and holds onto it.

Consequently with every increase, there is also an increase in the net worth of shares. This is maintained until the market is predicted to be topped off.

Retracement Inclusions:

This is a more risky mode of investment and mirrors the gambling nature of the stock market. The investor buys a stock and holds onto it in such a way that increases to a good amount. The plan is to hold onto it even after the price of the stock diminishes and the investor predicts that the price is about to rise back up after some time. Eventually, the investor makes a greater profit.

Full swing trading:

Full swing trading is the riskiest mode of stock trading. It is carried out only by the most aggressive investors that hang around the market. Under this method, they invest in all-time highs or all-time lows to make an additional profit. They pursue their own charts or market analysts with reference to investing procedures or pursue the online share trading.