Best Trading Strategy

First, we need to understand what a trading strategy and Day trading strategies that work, before we choose a strategy for trading. A trading strategy is a pre-planned move towards a particular path for trading in line with a picky trading style. Henceforth it is necessary for every trader to choose a strategy that best suits them and lucrative in nature.

Some of the styles that can be followed by investors are:

Here the list of trading strategies that works in current market scenario.

1. Swing Trading: Swing trading is often chosen by short-term traders who wish to hold their stocks for a period between 1 - 10 days. This strategy is used to trade in any financial instrument.

2. Position Trading: This strategy is suitable for those who wish to keep the stock in hand anywhere from a few weeks up to a couple of months.

3. Day Trading: As the name suggests, this style of trading is all about holding the stock for 1 day.

4. Long Term Investment:This enables traders to hold their stocks for over a year. This style makes the most of a rewarding time when the stock is at its highest value on holding for a extended period of time.

Position Trading Strategies: This is supportive for traders who wish to play out their stocks after a well-thought after market analysis. This strategy comes as a support to long term institutional investors.

Swing Trading Strategies: This strategy looks for the commencement of a good quote which lasts between a few days up to a couple of weeks for the trader to gain profits when the earnings are released on a particular day.

All the various styles of trading will go in line with how much capital, maintenance requirements of your trades, time allotted for trading are involved. It is best as a trader to carve a position for yourself in a specialized area rather than entry and exit in numerous markets.