Best Trading software

Which are the best technical analysis trading software available in the market?

The number of people investing in the stock market and participating in online trading has increased rapidly over the past few years.

With the advent of technology, the need for stock market software to automate the operations has become necessary in order to help the clients manage their stocks and share trading.

Such trading software is used to perform the technical analysis of the stock market and also automates functionalities like charting, alerts, indicators and a wide range of stock research and analysis functions.

Some of the most popular technical analysis trading software available and operating on the Indian stock market are:

Mobile-hunt : Enrich Mobile hunt is specially designed with State-of-the-art technology mobile trading platform to suit the needs of the traders.

You can easily access hunt from your mobile which is user-friendly and expects a high degree of performance. hunt is the best App in the market as it serves as a guide to beginners and a strong trading tool for intermediate and expert level traders as well. It is a Perfect Market Information mobile trading platform for active traders, dealers, Franchisees, research analysts and affluent retail Investors. It has more than 70 indicators with salient features.


It provides an all-new trading experience with richer and smarter strategies with a faster execution at lower internet connectivity.

hunt is an HTML5 based concept which is responsive and adjusts itself to various screen sizes.


This gives a unique real-time trading experience where the user is able to watch the market trends and easily access the scenario.

It empowers them with Real-time information, data visualization tools, Smart scanners and advanced charting application to spot opportunities and stay on top of Market movements.


hunt is a Market analytics application that integrates the trader’s needs into a single platform in an effective manner.

It helps traders track Market Movements, analyze information and find stock specific opportunities.


Information, when delivered on time, is Money. Yes, as a trader one would expect the right information at the right time without having to rely on time-consuming searches on different sites.

ZerodhaPi: This trading software is equipped with advanced charting functionalities, technical indicators and drawing tools.

Comes with 50,000 candles of historical data for backtesting purposes and applying strategies.

It offers the in-depth market view and floating index stickers. Its bridge technology permits users to automate with 3rd party platforms such as Meta Trader, Ninja Trader, Ami Broker etc.

Investor: An integrated investment tool that offers Fundamental and technical analysis along with Portfolio management for Indian Stock Market including NSE, NSE F&O, BSE, MCX, NCDEX. End Of Day (EOD) data support is available for all along with a choice of 5 minutes and 1-minute data for both NSE and NSE F&O. It is also equipped with Automatic Buy / Sell signal charts and Pop-up scan alerts.

AmiBroker: This comes with features such as Backtesting, Optimization, and Walk-Forward testing. Provides powerful charting and other functionalities such as composite indicators, alerts based on formulas, multiple data feeds, and portfolio manager.

• TradeTiger: It offers a single platform that supports multiple stock exchanges such as NSE, BSE, MCX, NCDEX, NSE F&O. Provides live streaming quotes and advanced charting functionalities along with End Of Day charting feature. User-defined alerts and tools to gauge the stock market.

• TradersCockpit: This is built with dominant charting tool for technical analysis, and innovative cloud-based analysis tools, options for BackTesting and Optimization.

Most of this trading software offer training and webinars for the users to get a grip on the various features. Some of the popular trading software that operates on international stock markets include MetaStock Trader, eSignal, NinjaTrader and so on.

Among the above four trading software’s Enrich hunt /a> is the recently launched with more advanced features.