Best Steps for Successful Trading

What are the best steps to be followed for successful trading?

Successful investment is not easy. Learning and mastering the techniques is necessary of stock trading and forex trading is vital. This requires immense effort. Online trading has made a huge difference in the world of stocks, commodities, and Forex trading.

Enrich has listed the steps to be followed for successful trading.


Knowledge is wealth, so learn everything you can about investing in financial securities. Learn the terminologies and the tricks of the trade.

Fix a target:

Draw your investment goals for a period of time; it could be five or ten years.

But there is a requirement for a timeframe and what you hope to accomplish in that time.

Use surplus funds:

The risk to rewards ratio is pretty high, so do not invest money set aside for animportant event or day.

Assign for trading only the additional funds that you have in hand after general expenses and urgent situation money.

Come up with a diversified portfolio:

Do not put all your eggs in one basket. The Indian stock market has been known to be volatile, so it is wise to create a safety net for when the cookie crumbles.

Use your prudence:

Look for a small amount of fine long term shares that are expected to pay good dividends.

Don’t get taken in by the sheen of zero brokerage offers on intraday transactions and make it a habit.

Use your individuality:

Do not yield the temptation to give way to the shepherd mentality. Just for the reason that your contemporaries are investing in a particular stock doesn’t mean you must too.

Stay in reality:

Fix realistic profit expectations and be equipped to tackle losses too.

Book profits:

Sell off the stock or commodity as soon as you get your gain. Being insatiable and even delays of a day or two can prove expensive.

Observe closely:

Keep a close watch on all the stocks and commodities in yourportfolio. Opt out at the slightest sign of trouble.

Don’t time the market:

The markets are volatile for a whole range of reasons. So, go along with the trend and do not go against it.

Buying low and selling high should be your tune and always trust your impulse.