What are the Nifty Trading Guidelines?

Don’t be anxious to trade in bigger quantities:

Although you may be taking a bigger risk, if you have the craving and skill for it, the larger reward is an upright tradeoff if the market sways your way.

On the other hand, a modest research is necessary so you don’t move into it with no view of the general track in which the market is moving.

At all times apply a stop loss:

A stop loss is an order placed with your broker to sell/buy shares when the price hits a prearranged level.

This is the level at which you may be incapable to maintain your position if the prices keep increasing/decreasing.

A stop loss is very important for an investor who may not be able to observe his positions on a daily basis.

Do not exit the position until the stop loss point has been arrived at as this may result in even larger losses for you.

Prefer a trading style fitting to you:

Intraday trading is not for every investor, but with enough research, can signify large profits. Many traders believe intraday trading as the safest choice without waiting to see modifications in overnight positions.


Observe the general trend of the market on nifty charts, and make your sell or buy calls on the foundation of the information on the nifty news.

If you consider the market is going up, buy, and if it appears to be decreasing, acquire short positions that you can cover.

Make a disciplined trading technique:

Work out your risk and reward, make a comprehensive trading plan and get rid of urge trading by hanging on to your plan. All this can support you in the long process