Stock Research Company Balance Sheet

What to Look For in the Annual Report of a Company

A company’s business performance can be detected from its balance sheet. The balance sheet is the annual report of the yearly performance of the company. The balance sheet is an essential document of the company which should by analyzed before investing the company. The balance sheet is different from 10-K report. 10-K report is mandatory for a company to file. Companies may submit a detailed 10-K report instead of annual report. Investor should be careful in analyzing the annual report as is treated as a marketing strategy than a open statement.

General overview:

The general overview is where the customer can learn about the nature of the company in a simple way. The company provides a brief but with sufficient information about what actives are taken place. The investor gets a clear introduction about the company.


The main aspect is the finances of the company. This where the actual performance is analyzed. The gross profit margins should be noted and compare with previous years whether it is increased or decreased. Also note whether the company policies has been changed recently because it may have an impact over the neither positive or negative. It also gives an clear idea of the current position of the company in the financial market and is it still worth to invest in or not.


The shares of the company are key to invite investor.The share value defines where the company stands in the stock market. An investor gets into the company ownership by investing in shares. The reports will provide information like how the shares as performed and how it is distributed. The shares price ups and downs can be watched in the NSE list.


The other most important factor to be considered is the company’s legal standard. This section indicates whether there are any legal issues on the company or if there are any on-going cases. This may affect the prestige of the company.