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“An Investor Without Investment Objective is Like a Traveller Without Destination”

----Ralph Seger

Are you new in stock markets or are you a seasoned trader/investor? What kind of service do you need from a broker? If you are new in the market, you must be puzzled about how to choose the best stock broker in India or the best bank broker in India as there are so many options out there. The needs of each person vary. So, when you look for the best broker for trading or just investing, what you need to mainly consider is to choose the best broker that suits your needs than running after the assumption that you have to find the best broker for trading in India. So how will you find the    best broker for trading who suits your needs? Let’s have an analysis.

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Who is a broker?

To find out the best broker for trading, first, let us see who is a broker and what does he do? A broker is an intermediary entity registered with the stock market that undertakes trade on behalf of the customer’s orders.

Why do we need a broker to buy the shares of a company? Brokers help customers in getting cost-effective services that were otherwise expensive and only accessible to high-net-worth individuals.? When you invest your hard-earned money in capital markets you should not just seek the best broker in India. Rather you should consider your needs like

Is it personalized advice in building/managing a diversified portfolio?

Is it just cost-saving?

Is it research reports?

Is it the best trading platform in India with highly automated tools?

Is it the necessary guidance as a beginner?

Is it the margin availability?

Everything falls under tailor-made customer services from the best broker in India

Types of Brokers

Full-Service Brokers:

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If you want personalized services like portfolio management, tax planning, research and advisory services, retirement schemes, etc., and do not worry about the costs incurred, then this should be your choice. Some offer 3-in-one accounts when the brokers are bank subsidiaries. They project as the best broker in India with the best trading app in India. Being bank subsidiaries or having tie-ups with a bank, helps them advertise as the best bank broker in India. Though it could be debated whether they have the best trade platform in India. Full-service brokers offer various add-ons like loans, debt instruments, insurance, mutual funds, and IPOs to demonstrate as the best broker in India.

They are effective in being the best stock broker in India for: -

New investors needing introduction and guidance

Traders seeking higher margins as they have a good relationship with the broker

Traders wanting personalized services

Traders wanting their bank to deal with their funds

Traders wanting low brokerage for higher volume transactions

Discount Brokers

Do you want fully automated services at lesser costs with the    best trading platform in India? Also, smooth and efficient trading at your convenient choice of place and time? The downside is that they do not offer trading guidance or service. Instead, they offer the best stock broker app in India with sophisticated tools. No speculation trading as well. What makes them call the best stock broker in India is that they are the best option for seasoned traders due to the reduction in costs for investments and flat trading rates.

Services Provided by Stock Brokers

The services provided by the best stock broker in India include: -

Depository Services

Equity and Commodity Trading

Active/passive Portfolio Management

Financial Planning and Advisory Services

Research Reports and market newsletter

In general, the best broker in India offers a wide array of financial services under one umbrella with the best trading platform in India for hassle-free trading.

Depository Services

Demat Account

Dematerialization of physical share certificates into digital format and vice versa

Trade settlements

Inter-depository transfer as depository participant for securities.

Intermediaries for corporate activities regarding equities

  Equity and commodity trading either online or offline are available with all the best stock brokers in India. Technology has necessitated the usage of the best stock broking app in India by brokers to face competition.

The best stock broker in India helps with financial planning and advisory services with the help of margin calculators to keep in line with the investment goals and period suitable for the customer.

Research reports and newsletters are offered by the best broker in India either free as a value-added benefit or for a fee.

What to look at when selecting the best broker for trading in India?

When you select the best broker in India, identify your financial needs. It does not matter who is the best broker for trading, who has the best trading platform in India, who the best stock broking app in India etc., What matters is

Your awareness about the right financial planning

Need for Guidance as a beginner

Active/passive investor

Convenient Brokerage

Best trading platform in India or the one which is easy for you to manage with fewer technicalities?

Best stockbroking app in India?

Best bank broker in India or other sectors too?

Diversification of portfolio

Customer service

Technical support and assistance

Answering these questions will help you plan better in deciding the best broker for trading or investing.

Best online platforms to find brokers for trading

The most challenging question before a new investor who knows nothing about the market is how to find the best trading platform in India? How will I know that it is the best stock broker in India? Will I be getting the best broker for trading? The answer is not easy to come up with.

Understand the basics of market

Study the features of different platforms are offering

Analyze whether those best stock broking apps in India meet your needs/expectations

Understand the different brokerage rates in both day trading and delivery

Compare the charges with the services

How smooth are their online platforms?

Ease in money transfer

Technical support

Report frequency

Customer feedbacks

Here are some FAQs on futures trading

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When choosing the best broker for trading or investing in India or the best bank broker in India for you, you should consider these factors:

Guidance education material for a new investor

Brokerage and other additional charges

Availability of technical support with excellent customer service

One of the best trading platforms in India which is smooth, convenient, and easy to use with live charts and trend analysis with research reports and newsletters

One of the    best stock trading apps in India to trade at your convenient place and time.


To find the best stock broker in India, best bank broker in India, or the best trading platform in India suitable for you, you should do a comparative analysis of broker performance across segments

Types of services available and the various transaction costs of both full-service brokers discount traders

Margin available for traders and discounts for volume trading

Software support and usage of the best stock broking app in India

Growth in the market and customer feedbacks

Transparency, compliance, and adherence to rules


To consider the best broker for trading and other professional services or the best stock broker in India or the best bank broker in India having just the best trading platform in India is not important. These factors need be considered too:-

Professionalism in the services offered and respecting the privacy of customers

No misrepresentation of facts to customers and safety with money and investments

Compliance and adherence to SEBI regulations and other official market regulators with transparent trade practices.

Not indulging in insider information and other malpractices.

Customer grievance redressal


The best stock broker in India is always at your fingertips thanks to the progress in technology. But as machines search based on certain algorithms, you should understand your needs before finding out the best broker in India like

Type of service needed ---- Full-service or discounted or a mix of both?

Do you need the best broker in India or just the best bank broker in India?

Best trading platform in India suiting your needs

Level of expertise in the market

Customer service


Though it is the trend of discount brokers, full-service stockbrokers have their loyal clientele who prefer them as the best broker in India or best stock broker in India. What makes them unique is their personalized services catering to a niche with the best trading platform in India.

Portfolio management and Advisory Services

Research and guidance material for beginners

Branch facilities, integration to banks, and 3 in 1 account

A vast array of financial services to choose from

Increased margin availability and reduction in transaction costs based on volume


Ultimately it depends upon you to make the right selection. We at Enrich Broking services try to serve you at our best. Be it with research material, market tips, latest information, transparency in services, and excellent customer service to boot with. To know more about our products and services, feel free to call us or check our website. Who knows? A small step could be the beginning of a great journey.