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Are you interested in growing your wealth exponentially over the years? Then you should surely not miss equity trading. Online equity trading is the best way to trade in equities at your choice of place and time. Before opening an equity trading account, you need to understand what is meant by trading on equity? Is equity trading vs stocks trading the same? How will you choose the best online equity trading platform? First, let us understand what is equity trading?

Equity trading is the buying and selling of shares of companies registered with the stock market. Buying an equity stake in a company makes you partly an owner of it. Doesn’t it sound lucrative to invest in companies that you believe? Equity trading vs stocks trading is technically the same in the stock markets.

   Equity trading helps to earn passive income

Diversification in investments

Online equity trading platform gives easy liquidity

Types of Equity

Equity trading or online equity trading will require understanding the types of equity markets and the trading on equity, where you raise debt capital. As explained earlier, equity trading vs stocks trading is fundamentally the same. Online equity trading platform makes equity trading easy.

The different types of equity are broadly classified into

Stockholder’s Equity:- This is most common for structured businesses and is the amount of assets given to shareholders after deducting liabilities. This shows the money available for shareholder distribution.

Owner’s Equity:- Owner’s equity refers to the amount of ownership you have in your business and is obtained by subtracting the liabilities from assets. Owner’s equity is most common for a sole proprietor or business partner and shows how much available capital is available.

Equity accounts include common, preferred, and treasury stocks, retained earnings, and additional paid-in capital.

Depending upon market capitalization, Equities can be large-cap(bluechip stocks), mid-cap and small-cap.

What is an Equity Trading Account?

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Equity trading accounts are offered by brokers for equity trading. Online equity trading accounts give a unique identification number for purchasing and selling of shares whereas    Demat account holds the bought shares in digital format. Equity trading account opening involves signing up for trading and Demat accounts.

The trading account is mainly used to ease the transaction process in buying and selling shares. It has to be connected with your bank account in addition to your Demat account. Let’s see how it works. If you are a new investor, your heart might be pumping high to buy shares. So, you will follow the instructions given on your online platform and will place your buy order. What happens after that? The shares that you bought will be taken to your Demat account. When you have to sell, you do the same process but will place the sell order. Now, the shares that you hold will be removed from it.

How to open an equity account

If you want to enter into the world of equity trading to manifold wealth, try experiencing the wonderful online equity trading at your fingertips by signing up for an equity trading account as well as demat account. So, what is trading on equity? Many mistakes trading on equity as equity trading. But it involves debt capital. If you open an equity account, you will understand equity trading vs stocks trading is the same.

Equity trading apps make opening an equity account easier at your convenient place and time through an online equity trading platform. A reliable online equity trading platform in India gives a lot of flexibility in trading and is preferred by traders/investors. Steps in opening an equity account are

Choosing a Broker:- Identify the kind of broker you need based on your service needs like research reports, news, analyses, updates, insights, and other advisory services or just discounted brokers who offer flat brokerage rates

Filling of Application

Digitized KYC process with PAN, Aadhar card, and Bank account details submission

Uploading documents after fulfilling broker requisites

Benefits of Opening an Equity Trading Account

Equity trading is a wonderful way to explore the avenues of wealth creation. Online equity trading makes it faster, flexible, reliable, and convenient. But to buy and sell equities, you need an equity trading account which you can open with any broker of your choice. Before opening an equity trading account, it is better to analyze the services provided by various brokers. Some of the benefits of opening an equity trading account are

Best returns for long-term investors if they use the right investment strategies

The best vehicle to park funds to tackle inflation and earn decent returns according to your financial goals

Dividend Income

Diversification of portfolio with an array of investment options

Access to perks like Bonus shares, Rights issues, and stock split

Tax benefits

Participation in the growth of companies and even get voting rights


Residual claims

How to Trade Equity Trading Online?

To reap the lucrative benefits of equity trading, the first thing that you need is to understand markets. Once you are familiar with the market, you can tap the avenues of online equity trading. The first step is choosing a DP or broker and opening an equity trading account. You can do this through the equity trading app of your chosen DP. Once you fill in the application form and fulfill the KYC requirements, your account will be opened and communicated.

Once the account is functional, you can access the equity trading tips and equity trading strategies through the   online trading platform of your broker. A good online trading platform in India offers trading in both equities and commodities. You can either choose to be a day-trader, a swing trader, or an investor depending upon your financial goals and the risks you are willing to undertake. Remember, the equity market is highly volatile and there are always risks.

Why Invest in Equities through Enrichbroking?

Equity trading needs constant practice to understand market behavior and price movements. Online equity trading is a lot easier if you have proper guidance. An equity trading account at Enrichbroking comes with a lot of facilities as we understand the needs of our customers better. Our online equity trading platform offers the following:

Sophisticated, State-of-the-art user-driven platform which has, ease in handling

No downloading and installation hassles. Other than the necessity of the internet, you can use it any time.

Well Researched Reports, which helps in making decisions faster and easier.

In-Depth Market Analysis

Helps in avoiding blind speculations

Ease in Transactions analyzing market behavior

Specific, Consistent, and Reliable Data

Availability of Market Charts and indicators for market analysis

Ability to set alerts and receive notifications

Time-bound Technical and fundamental analysis reports.

Frequently Asked Questions

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There is not much fundamental difference between equity trading and stock trading in the stock market and they are almost synonymous. Both are buying and selling equities in companies. The main difference is that while equities represent a total ownership stake in a company, tradable or not; stocks are generally tradable equity shares of a company that are issued to the general public through stock exchanges. Online equity trading only involves common stocks. Equity trading Vs stock trading gains momentum when we understand equities are the total of common and preferred stocks(higher claim in company’s asset and earnings)

Timing is important to be successful in equity trading. The decision to buy equities and sell equities plays a vital role in deciding profit margin. Opening an equity trading account with a broker having a good track record will help a lot as they provide the necessary equity trading strategies depending upon market behavior and price movement. A good online trading platform helps the trading smooth and without hassles. They also have research reports and newsletters along with trends analysis which makes understanding the market better. So, having a good online equity trading platform is a ‘must’ for earning profits


Over the last few years, equity trading in India had been booming mainly by the growth of online equity trading compared to traditional equity trading. What is equity trading? Equity trading is buying and selling of company stock shares to gain from probable future appreciations. Equity markets are highly liquid and also the best vehicles to park funds for protection from inflation. Indian capital markets have witnessed the exponential growth of capital in the past. There are two types of market available in India

Primary Market: Here, the company issues the shares for the first time, through IPOs or FPOs.

Secondary Market: Daily buying and selling of shares takes place here


To calculate equity, subtract the total liabilities of the company from its total assets. Online equity trading helps in getting the financial statements of companies with ease. Equity trading tips also come after the consideration of the company’s assets and liabilities. Online equity trading in India gained momentum mainly because of this transparency and adherence to compliance.


To enter into equity trading, you need to open an equity account with the broker or DP. Online equity trading can be started with us as soon as you finish the application form formalities and   eKYC requirements which can be done through mobile. Filling the application form and eKYC hardly takes 5 to 20 minutes provided you have the documents ready. Once you upload, the verification process starts. Once the digitized signature and physical signatures are obtained at our corporate office, your account becomes functional with an online equity trading platform which is the best online equity platform in India.