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A dummy trading account is the process of testing the stock market for money, without risking any real money. This helps beginners learn using an online trading platform or brokerage firm, without incurring any losses. A demo or trial trading account lets you set up a free trading account with your chosen brokerage firm, simulate an imaginary trade to practice trading strategies, and then end the session without losing any money.A dummy account plays a vital role as the traders can make the most out of their training through this dummy account. Demo accounts are useful as they provide real picture of the market conditions traders will face while trading.

Advantages of a Demo Trading Account

The demo trading account in India is an excellent way to help people understand how buying and selling works, without the risk of losing money. This is because the demo trading account allows traders to practice these activities with virtual money instead of real-life cash. Demo trading accounts are highly used by new traders, as they can practise the basics of dealing with markets without actually being offered any real money. This is due to the fact that demo trading involves virtual money rather than actual cede on exchanges for buyers and sellers alike.

The main advantage of the Demo trading accounts is that it allows traders to learn without experiencing any losses due to their mistakes or oversights, so they are able to create profits by trial and error rather than being burnt out from trying too many times. It also teaches them about how markets boom/booze properly as opposed to unrealistic examples found through other means.

A dummy trading account is also profitable for the professional traders because they can practice trading strategies in a risk-free environment and then use those skills on a live performance. In addition, a demo trading account helps investors manage the risks of their capital and protects them from heavy losses in real-life trading by giving them valuable insight into what an experience may be like before they take the plunge.

More Benefits

You need not fill in forms or get verified by an account manager to trade live through a demo trading app - hassle-free setup!

You get an optimized mobile trading experience on IOS and Android devices with the enhanced charting tools.

Professional quality education resources, including in-depth tutorials on all aspects of trading with videos, eBooks, special offers and webinars

How to open a Demo trading with Enrich Broking

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Enrich broking is one of the fastest-growing online brokerage companies for trading in India. Enrich provides the best services to its users at the lowest brokerage rates in the Indian market, with the best demo trading account in India. You can open a demo trading account with Enrich in just a few simple steps, either via a demo trading app or start the trading demo online on a desktop mode.

Step 1 -    Visit

Since Enrich is an online brokerage company, you need to visit the website to create a demo trading account. You can also access the site by clicking on the link provided above.

Step 2- Register

Once you’ve landed on the website, click on “Register.” It will take you to a new page where you will be asked to enter personal details like your first name, last name, email address etc. Once done, click “Save changes”. Now your account is active, and you are all set to trade with the best demo stock trading account.

Your demo trading account is ready to go active after completing the registration process. The account will be activated in a few minutes. Once it’s done, you can now start trading with your demo account just as you would do with a real account for trading. However, all the profits and losses are virtual and you can’t transfer any funds from a demo account to your bank account. For that, you have to update your demo account to a real trading one.

How a Demo Account Works?

A demo trading account is an online replica of the brokerage account that mimics every aspect of real trading except with play money rather than actual dollars (or other currencies). You can test new strategies and action plans with the best demo stock trading account , that too without risking money. It will enable to see how real market data affects the strategy.

The easiest way to get a demo trading account is with your broking firm. If you already have an account then there’s no need to open another one to trade with play money - log into your live account and then switch to the demo mode.

Some brokers provide separate login details for their demo accounts to help minimize confusion when using multiple accounts. Still, it also means that any strategies or instructions apply only to the relevant account type (live/demo). You should check with your broker to see what kind of account you have access to.

Learn To Trade With A Demo Trading Account

The first thing you should do is to familiarize yourself with all the aspects of a demo trading account before you risk your real money. The best demo trading account for stocks in India offers you an opportunity to learn all your broker’s platforms and understand risk management without ever putting any of your capital at risk. You can trade either through a demo trading app or a website. The best demo stock trading account even let you simulate live trades; some even allow you to place those simulated trades against actual stocks or ETFs.

The two most important tips for trading with a demo trading account for stocks in India are:

Only risk what you can afford to lose

Keep your simulated trades in sync with your current knowledge of financial markets. Don’t make simulated trades that go against what you know about financial markets if you want your simulated trades to be helpful when it comes time for live trading.

More Reasons To Choose Enrich Broking

Enrich broking is one of the leading stock broking companies in India. It offers brokerage services, trading platforms and software for online equity, commodity and currency trading. Enrich gives a demo trading account facility to its users to try their various hands-on products. With this service, they can explore multiple trading opportunities with no risk involved. The best demo trading account in India provided by Enrich helps you to know about various software functionalities, real-time market trends and currencies behaviour etc.

There are many reasons why Enrich Broking is the most reliable choice for an online trading demo. The first reason is that they have a minimal risk of hacking or data breach, making it one of the safest options around. Not to mention the ease of use when it boils down to Enrich’s demo trading account India app online. The second reason is the consistent support for all the clients, no matter what time of day it is, making it easy to contact them with any problems or questions, whether related to the demo trading app or website. The third reason is that they have state-of-the-art trading tools to make it easier to invest and trade.

Frequently Asked Questions

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The answer to your question depends on your broker. Nearly all brokers offer demo trading account, and some do charge some commission for them, whereas a few, like Enrich Broking, provides a completely free demo account. The lifespan of a demo trading account in the India app depends on your broker, but usually, it lasts at least one month. Most brokers extend an offer for one free demo trade during which you have unlimited access to any features of their platform. So, choose your broker wisely for the best demo stock trading account.


A demo trading account is a type of stock trading account where the trades are not real. On the other hand, a real trading account needs real money. Demo trading account for stocks in India is for people to demonstrate how specific trades are made without risking any money in the markets. The best demo stock trading account will allow you to see what you might do with an account in the markets but without risking any of your own money.


The first step in setting up a demo trading account for India stocks is selecting an online broker. Choosing one based on cost is wise but not always necessary. When selecting a broker for a demo trading account, make sure they are registered with various regulators. It will ensure that you can track your trade. Secondly, you should look for ones that offer free access to live market data for training purposes inside the demo trading app. To open an account, you need to register, fill in some mandatory details, and you are good to go.


You can test a broker’s platform , the features it offers, tools and trading conditions you might come across with the help of a demo trading account. You get to do all these things before you risk your hard-earned money. The duration of time a demo trading account in India will vary greatly. Some companies will allow you to keep your demo trading account India app indefinitely. In contrast, others may only give you a few days or weeks to practice before forcing you to move over to a real-money account. Before opening a demo trading account, check with your chosen brokerage firm and ask how long they allow for these accounts. Once they’ve given you an answer, ensure that it meets your needs to ensure you get the best demo stock trading account experience.


Demo trading apps like Enrich Broking’s Hunt now offer a free demo trading account for users to experience what it’s like to trade stocks, futures, forex or cryptocurrency. You open your demo account immediately after registering for a trading app. Some demo trading account India apps require that you log in through your social accounts like LinkedIn to link your personal info with your demo trading account for stocks in India. The best trading app has all the features you need to learn the art of trading in stock through a demo trading account India app.