About Us

Enrich Commodities was started in 2008 as a unit and became a success with its customer-centric approach, transparent business practices and with hardcore professionalism. It was incorporated in the year 2013, with the backup of a strong marketing and technical team. We established a strong presence in South India and acquired a name of TRUST through Commodity Broking Business.

We always believe in learning the latest from the market, adapting and then evolving innovative trader centric game changing plans. We have brought many new changes in the trading process with the help of integrated and innovative use of technology enabling clients to trade offline & online and strategic tie-ups with technology partners to facilitate smooth trading.

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Vision/ Mission

To enrich our clients on trend views and deliver them unmatched services through continuous research and development.

Understand the needs of our clients before we commence the trading activity.

Provide challenging predictions for their trading activities.

To guide and train our clients with the trading techniques that would suit their nature of trading.

Deploy the people & products to provide the suitable solutions to our clients.

Ensure follow up and quality of service at all times.

Integrity is the hallmark of our organisation. If there is something we do not compromise, it’s our moral values and ethical practices which are part of our culture.

Why Enrich

If you value competitive trading plans, the safety of your funds and excellent clients services when choosing an online trading partner is the right broker for you. And the many other reasons are :

Who we are?

We all come to work every day because we love to bridge the gap that exits in trading and investment in India. We do this with a customer- centric approach.

With an expertise of almost a decade, our name reckons with professionalism, precision, innovation and state of the art technology with global standards.

We have gained the name TRUST through Commodity Broking Business with our strong presence in South India.

Today, we are amongst the fastest growing, top volume contributors on MCX.

We are Enrich Commodities!

What we do?

We make you relax and lay back. Yes, you read it right. This is exactly what we do when we handle your trading and investment activities in accordance with global standards.

We make your activities ours and take upon ourselves all the intricacies of executing it.

How do we do it?

We first learn your expectations and then surprise you with something beyond imagination. This, we achieve with utmost professionalism driven with passion.

We have brought many new changes in the trading process with the help of integrated and innovative use of technology enabling clients to trade offline & online and strategic tie-ups with technology partners to facilitate smooth trading.

While we are engrossed in the process, we do remember that it all about you, our client. Of course, you have the last word.

The wizards behind

We may not have the wizards of the lore’s, but we do have zealous minds that can create magic. Our young and vibrant team is ever ready to go the extra mile. All this and more, just to add that extra shimmer in your trading and investment.

Account opening

  • Account opening will be done within 24 hours after receiving KYC document. (*Online KYC form available in our Website).
  • Welcome Call/Mail once the account is activated.

Never Before Products

  • Get Reversal of Brokerage in MONEY BACK PLAN.
  • Products designed to suit Aggressive traders, Positional traders and Seasonal traders.
  • .

Effective Back office

  • Online Payment Gateway.
  • Instant online Pay-in.
  • Pay out on same day.
  • Accessible from all browsers.
  • Profit & Loss Tracker in Brought & Sold exact price.

Investors Guidance Programs

  • Beginners Learning program.
  • Weekly investor program for Clients/Business associate (Technical & Fundamental).
  • Investor program also special training on understanding historical chart, special indicator..etc.
  • Open discussion about the current market scenario and how to benefit from it.

Quickest in Service

  • Trading desk support * 24/7.
  • User friendly online trading platform.
  • Brokerage reversal on daily basis for upfront clients.
  • Excellent IT support (Software Installation, Back office & Trading Platform Usage).
  • SMS Alert/Confirmation (Technical calls, Ledger Balance after every executed order, Password reset).
  • Client profile modification support.
  • Grievance support.

Rich Trading Platform

  • Real trading experience, dedicated world class customer support, a fully regulated commodity broker with innovative in commodity trading..
  • Nest Trader – Ultimate online software providing with free of cost.
  • Transparency trading experience.

It's Nice to Meet You!


Mr. R.Ponmudi is the Founder and CEO of ECIPL. He is a Level 3 - NSE (National Stock Exchange) certified market professional. He is a visionary with original ideas about what the future will or could be like in the market. His vision is to provide adequate information and knowledge on stock exchange even to the common man with innovative strategy and techniques.

He has over a decade of experience in Indian financial market like Equity and Commodity. He is a well known speaker and trainer who is keen to impart knowledge on stock market to the public, making use of all available medium. He handles the Marketing and Operation divisions of ECIPL.

Sunil Kumar

Mr. L.Sunil Kumar is the Co founder and Director of ECIPL. He has a vast experience in the area of technical research. He is the brain behind the advanced Technical & Research in financial and commodity market with innovative technology in ECIPL. His willingness to bring about new initiatives adds to the overall performance of the team. Constant improvement in the techniques and welcoming change has been his mantra for success.



Mr. J.Hemnath holds the position of president in ECIPL. He is responsible for maintaining the track record of the rapidly growing commodity market. He has more than a decade of experience in the field of commodity market. He heads the Branding, Sales and marketing divisions respectively. He ensures the effective functioning of the day to day activities of sales and marketing.

Deepti M Nair Regional Head

Ms.Deepti M Nair is in the capacity of Regional Head in ECIPL. She works closely with customers, understanding their requirements and providing excellent service according to market standards. She is driven by passion towards customer satisfaction. She has strong market knowledge and contributes to the success of ECIPL.


Xavier Dominic Head – Strategy

Xavier Dominic holds the position of Head – Strategy and Development with ECIPL. He is responsible to communicate and implement the company’s strategy internally and externally. He ensures that the wide strategic plans align with the company’s overall goals. He develops inclusive planning process and translates strategies into actionable and quantitative plans.