- Started as a Research house.





- Got incorporated.




- Obtained MCX Membership.

- Evolved as a business unit.

- Opened head office in Chennai.




Mr.Ponmudi R

Founder and CEO

Mr.Ponmudi is the Founder and CEO of Enrich Financial Group. He is a Level 3 - NSE (National Stock Exchange) certified market professional. He is a visionary with original ideas about what the future will or could be like in the market. His vision is to provide adequate information and knowledge on stock exchange even to the common man with innovative strategy and techniques.

He has over a decade of experience in Indian financial market like Equity and Commodity. He is a well known speaker and trainer who is keen to impart knowledge on stock market to the public, making use of all available medium. He handles the Marketing and Operation divisions of Enrich Financial Group.


Mr.Sunil Kumar L

Co founder and Director

Mr.Sunil Kumar is the Co founder and Director of Enrich Financial Group. He has a vast experience in the area of technical research. He is the brain behind the advanced Technical & Research in financial and commodity market with innovative technology in Enrich Financial Group. His willingness to bring about new initiatives adds to the overall performance of the team. Constant improvement in the techniques and welcoming change has been his mantra for success.

Mr. Subramaniam Chakarai


Mr. Subramaniam Chakarai is one of the Directors of Enrich Financial Group. Mr. Subramaniam Chakarai is a Post Graduate in Management from University of Missouri Columbia, USA with over 17 years of professional experience. Prior to joining Enrich, he was working with the Royal Bank of Canada in the consumer banking and head office lending division. He is responsible for the exceptional transformation and growth, whether it is the introduction of products, classes of investors and more facilitating systems. His extensive experience boosts great value to our organization and drastically contributes to the development of our business.

Mrs.Parkavi Devi P


Mrs. Parkavi Devi is one of the Directors of Enrich Financial Group. Mrs. Parkavi Devi is a Post Graduate in Business Administration with specialisation in Finance and also holds a Master’s degree in Commerce from a prestigious institution. She is backed by a strong professional experience in the banking industry prior to her joining Enrich. Her core strengths include innate problem solving skills with the confidence with which she handles the financial matters concerned. She plays an exclusive role of imparting her financial management skills to senior managers with her unwavering professionalism proving to be a great asset to the company.

Mr. Selvakrishnan R


Mr. Selvakrishnan R is one of the Directors of Enrich Financial Group. Mr. Selvakrishnan R is a Post Graduate in Business Administration with specialisation in Finance and Human Resources. His professional experience in the trading industry counts to almost a decade. His core strength lies in the mastering of the rules and regulations of the trading practises and makes sure that there is zero error in any departmental functions. He ensures that everyone abides by the principles and always finds a solution to raising demands of the industry. His customer centric approach drives many clients to him and he makes sure that they are fully satisfied in terms of service.

Mr. Ramakrishnan R


Mr. Ramakrishnan is one of the Directors of Enrich Financial Group. Mr. Ramakrishnan R is a Post Graduate in Computer Applications. His sheer passion in the trading Industry pushed him to pursue his career in this industry. Being a technical savvy, his primary focus was to update the technological platforms and strengthen the areas where development was required. His professional experience in the trading industry counts to almost a decade. Some of his exceptional skills include client acquisition and client handling in an effective and skill full methodology.

Mr. Hemnath J


Mr. J.Hemnath holds the position of president in Enrich Financial Group. He is responsible for maintaining the track record of the rapidly growing commodity market. He has more than a decade of experience in the field of commodity market. He heads the Branding, Sales and marketing divisions respectively. He ensures the effective functioning of the day to day activities of sales and marketing.

Ms. Deepti M Nair

Vice President

Ms.Deepti M Nair is in the capacity of Vice President in Enrich Financial Group. She works closely with customers, understanding their requirements and providing excellent service according to market standards. She is driven by passion towards customer satisfaction. She has strong market knowledge and contributes to the success of Enrich Financial Group.

MR. Xavier Dominic

Head – Strategy

MR. Xavier Dominic holds the position of Head – Strategy and Development with Enrich Financial Group. He is responsible to communicate and implement the company’s strategy internally and externally. He ensures that the wide strategic plans align with the company’s overall goals. He develops inclusive planning process and translates strategies into actionable and quantitative plans.