Guidelines for Recommendation

What is meant by buy above?

You have to buy the commodities products just above that given price level traded.

For example: buy above crude oil @ 2700, you should buy at 2701

What is meant by sell below?

You have to sell the commodities products just below that given price level traded

For example: sell below crude oil 2700 you should sell at 2699 either down the level

What is meant by between buy 2700-2690?

Its means between price range you have to buy. we recommended to buy 1st lot around at 2700 level and 2nd lot you have to buy at 2690 level.


What is meant by between sell 2700-2690?

Its means between price range you have to sell. we recommended to sell 1st lot around at 2700 level and 2nd lot you have to sell at 2690 level.

Profit booking:

1st lot exit at 1st target and trail your stop loss on bought price

2nd lot exit at 2nd target

How to apply stop loss order?

For Ex: Stop loss at 2700, you should not place the stop loss order as round figure. we recommend to place stop loss order at 2699 like that 2698 2697

What is meant by gold 31000 dips on buy?

For example: current market price 31200 but we given buy price at 31000 , so during market hours whenever price reach nearby range at 31030 31020………. you have to catch price range at any of lower range 31030.

What is meant by positional call?

It is not intraday trading you have to hold on the position till target meet or stop loss hit. In this case whether you have to maintain Exchange prescribed margin then you can run for more profit.

Don’t apply gap up or gap down closer to target meet to avoid recommendation on the day

You should have to follow strictly in stop loss method whenever you trade with Intraday call/ research calls / live levels , if stop loss triggers then exit your position immediately .


Everyone should use stop loss order it is to prevent excessive losses or to lock in profits, and benefit to save your investments from losing trade. because market ready to give lot of opportunity to buy or sell next times. if your losing money sentimentally your taking wrong decision to do overtrade for recovery and getting more losses has happen. The most importance things in my views stop loss as an investments is like insurance policy.