State Wise Stamp Charges Tariff

State Stamp Duty
Andhra pradesh 0.005% - max 50
Arunachal pradesh 0.00003
Assam 0.018% - max 49.5
Delhi 0.00001
Goa /Daman& Diu 0.00003
Gujarat 0.00001
Haryaana 0.0001
Himachala pradesh 50/day
Jamu and Kashmir 50/day
Kerala 0.00001
Madhya Pradesh 0.002% - max 50/day
Maharashtra 0.00001
Meghalaya 0.00003
Odisha 0.005% - max 50
Rajasthan Agri: 0.0006%
Tamil Nadu 30 paisa for every unit of Cotton, Kapas, Pods
Tamil Nadu 10 paisa for every unit of Kilo of Silver, 50 paisa for every unit of Kilo of Gold
Tamil Nadu 50 paisa for every unit of 25 Metric tones of Groundnut
Tamil Nadu Lineseed, Castor Seed, Cotton Seed
Tamil Nadu For any Yarn,non mineral oil, spices
Tamil Nadu Hydrosulphide soda: 0.004%
Tamil Nadu No Stamp Duty for Crude Oil and Base Metals
Telangana 0.01% - max 100/day
Uttra pradesh 0.002% - max 1000/day
west bengal 0.00002
Others 0.00003

Every contract note requires to be stamped as per regulations of the respective state government. The charges vary based on state of residence provided on correspondence address proof when opening an account